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Many individuals suffering from fibromyalgia become discouraged because of the degree to which the disorder has derailed their favorite activities or even their normal daily routines.  Those who seek treatment at our East Lake Chiropractic and Medical Center can enjoy relief from the pain associated with this condition.  Our Saint Cloud chiropractor offers only non-invasive therapies rather than medication or surgery.


Understanding Fibromyalgia

Our chiropractor notes that there is no cure for fibromyalgia.  Most healthcare professionals describe this disorder in terms of the symptoms that accompany it.  Patients typically suffer from widespread musculoskeletal discomfort and problems with fatigue, sleep, and mood. 

Although experts have identified no specific cause for this disorder, most believe that it somehow increases an individual’s discomfort by affecting the way the brain processes pain signals.  A genetic link is also suspected to play a part in a person's development of fibromyalgia.

Sometimes a single event, such as surgery, trauma, or an infection, causes symptoms to appear.  In other cases, symptoms collect and escalate over long intervals.  The symptoms our patients most commonly experience include:

  • Widespread pain
  • Fatigue typically related to sleep interruption
  • Trouble concentrating or focusing on mental tasks

Treatment Options

Our chiropractor makes a diagnosis of fibromyalgia only after evaluating the results of a physical examination, symptoms, complaints, and a patient’s health history.  This disorder is often hard to diagnose.  A positive diagnosis requires meeting specific scores on a pain index and symptom severity scale, having symptoms that last for a specified duration, and ruling out the possibility of another disorder that might cause the symptoms.

A patient’s personalized treatment plan includes one or more natural therapies.  Chiropractic adjustments improve the body’s ability to function mechanically, which facilitates the arrival of nerve signals at their intended destination.  Adjustments also help preserve the ability of the spine and muscles to move.

Some patients benefit from trigger point therapy.  This involves applying light pressure to relieve headaches and pain in a patient’s back, shoulders, neck, and additional joints.  Massage therapy and prescribed exercises are often helpful.  Our practice also provides advice on self-care measures, such as sleep habits, nutrition, supplement use, appropriate physical activity, and helpful work and lifestyle changes.

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Our Saint Cloud chiropractor is committed to helping patients get relief from pain and enjoy greater overall wellness and quality of life.  Whether you suffer from the symptoms of fibromyalgia or discomfort from another disorder or an injury, treatment at our East Lake Chiropractic and Medical Center utilizes the latest technology and chiropractic techniques.  Take a moment today to start on your path to better health by calling us at (407) 957-9995 to schedule an appointment.


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