When To See A Chiropractor

Chronic pain can be debilitating, and it can make even the easiest daily activity difficult. You can take medication for your pain, however, it isn't the best long-term solution. If you are dealing with pain, you should consider seeing our qualified and knowledgeable chiropractors at East Lake Chiropractic & Medical Center in Saint Cloud. There are certain circumstances where chiropractic care may be your best option in preventing and treating chronic pain.

After an Accident

Chiropractic care is very useful in treating whiplash, concussions, back injuries, knee injuries, seat belt and airbag injuries, sciatica, and herniated discs. With regular visits, you can live a pain-free life.

Chronic Headaches and Migraines

Headaches are often due to a misalignment of the spine. When your spine is properly aligned, the frequency of your headaches and the severity of your pain are reduced.

Sitting For Long Periods

If your job requires you to sit behind a desk all day, or if you live a sedentary lifestyle, this can result in chronic pain in your neck, shoulders, upper back, and lower back. Our chiropractors can perform an adjustment to relieve the pressure and strain in the spine.

Wearing of the Soles of Your Shoes

Take a look at the soles of your shoes. Is one worn differently than the other? If they are, it is a sign that your body is misaligned. If you allow the problem to persist, you can start to experience chronic neck and back pain. Our chiropractors can realign your spine, preventing pain issues in the future.

Our chiropractors at East Lake Chiropractic & Medical Center in Saint Cloud can help treat your chronic pain and also prevent it from occurring. With regular chiropractic care, we can help you live a life free of pain. Schedule a consultation today by calling (407) 957-9995. Se habla español.

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