Text Neck

Text Neck

When you spend a lot of time texting and doing other things on your phone, it can cause you to develop text neck. This happens due to spending too much time on a phone or other mobile device. As you do so, you lean your head and neck far forward. This position causes your neck to take on extra pressure and get strained. This neck strain can cause a lot of pain as well as stiffness and other problems that can limit your motion. This condition can be highly frustrating, and it can affect your health.


If you spend hours each day on your mobile device and suffer from text neck or a bone spur, you need chiropractic care to feel better. Call East Lake Chiropractic & Medical Center of St Cloud, FL, to see a chiropractor and get relief from your condition. 

Your Neck's Position

Many people use their mobile devices in the workplace so much that it can cause this condition. If your workplace requires a lot of screen work, your neck and head get put into a position that will cause you pain. Many people do a lot of texting without even realizing it. It's a good idea to pay attention to how often you're using your mobile device and what position your head and neck are in when you do.

If your neck has poor positioning, it can lead to cervical pain as well as headaches and pain in the shoulders. All of these problems are caused by extra pressure on the neck. When you hold your neck at only a 15-degree angle, it puts an amazing 27 pounds of force on the neck. This then leads to soreness, stiffness, and pain. 

Pain from Text Neck

With so much pressure being put on your neck, you may have a lot of pain. It can cause arm and shoulder pain and make your range of motion smaller. You may have a lot of pain in a big or small area of your neck, shoulders, and arms. It can cause shoulder muscle weakness as well. It's most common to have pain in the lower area of the neck. This condition can also cause you to develop early arthritis. 

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