Sports Injury FAQ's

Florida Sports Injury FAQ’s

Anyone who takes part in sports takes the chance of suffering an injury. Fortunately, chiropractic care has proven to be outstandingly reliable in sports injury treatment. In fact, East Lake Chiropractic & Medical Center has provided sports injury treatment – and more – for the entire Saint Cloud area since 2008 and can help you too.

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What are Common Sports Injuries?

There are a plethora of different injuries that can be sustained while participating in a sport. They can range from minor to severe and affect every area of the body.

The seven most common sports injuries include shin splints, ankle sprain, ACL tear, groin pull, hamstring strain, patellofemoral syndrome, and tennis elbow. However, there are other injuries that are common to all types of accident that include whiplash, herniated disc, and other soft tissue damage in the neck and back.

What is Chiropractic Sports Injury Treatment?

Chiropractic medicine focuses on the relationship between structure and function. It utilizes non-invasive techniques and a whole body approach to restore patients to an optimal level of wellness and a higher quality of life. To do this, there are more than 150 proven chiropractic techniques from which they may choose. Among those, manual manipulation of the spine, sports taping, and massage therapy are the most common for a sports injury.

Therapeutic massage helps to reduce musculoskeletal sports injuries. Both manual deep tissue massage and that employing a special device can be used to break up myofascial scar tissue. This, in turn, reduces overall recovery time, promote flexibility, lower pain, improve range of motion, and even prevent future injury.

Sports taping involves the use of textured tape applied in a specifically designed way. It is a form of compression therapy which can change muscle tone, correct the movement patterns of lymphatic fluids, and improve posture.

Manual spinal manipulation is one of the primary tools used in chiropractic care. By restoring balance and alignment to the spine, tension is relieved so that the body functions better as a whole and is less prone to injury.

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