Top 5 Most Common Symptoms of Sciatica

Sciatica is a painful condition that impacts the sciatic nerve, which is the longest nerve in the body. This nerve stretches from your spinal column, down your lower back, travels through your buttocks and down your legs. If this nerve gets pinched or compressed, it causes pain. At East Lake Chiropractic and Medical Center, St. Cloud, FL, we offer sciatic nerve pain relief through chiropractic treatment.

Sciatica Symptoms

If you’re feeling the discomfort of sciatic nerve pain, contact our St. Cloud, FL, chiropractor for an evaluation. We’ll determine the cause of your pain and recommend a course of action for treatment. Here are five of the most common symptoms of this condition:

  • Pain in your lower back that may start off as dull and grow sharper with time.
  • Persistent pain radiating down one leg.
  • Pain that starts in your lower back and proceeds down your buttocks and/or leg. Painful symptoms may worsen when sitting.
  • Numbness or a tingling sensation in one leg or foot, which may worsen when sitting.
  • Constant tripping or difficulty lifting your feet, making it hard to walk.

Sciatic Nerve Pain Causes

Sciatic nerve pain is caused by compression of the sciatic nerve. A recent accident may have caused spinal bones or joints to come out of alignment and these structures may be pressing on your sciatic nerve, causing pain. Sciatic nerve pain can also be caused by a herniated or bulging disc, muscle spasms, spinal stenosis, or other degenerative spinal condition.

Through spinal adjustments, our St. Cloud, FL chiropractor can realign your spine to reduce muscle tension and inflammation and take pressure off of your sciatic nerve. This minimizes pain and gives your body a chance to heal. Routine visits to your chiropractor can keep your spinal system in proper alignment to help keep sciatica at bay.

See Your St. Cloud, FL, Chiropractor for Sciatic Nerve Pain

The good news is that sciatic nerve pain can be managed through chiropractic care. To schedule a consultation with us at East Lake Chiropractic and Medical Center in St. Cloud, FL, for sciatic nerve pain, contact us at 407-957-9995.

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